Reed Switches

Magnetic and electronic proximity sensors 

The sensors mounted onto the cylinders detect the position of the piston by commutating an electric signal when approaching the magnetic field produced by the magnet incorporated in the piston itself.
They are manufactured using two different technologies: electromechanical with Reed bulb; electronic with magnetoresistive
effect (normally open with PNP output); upon request with NPN output.
The first one with Reed bulb function both in d.c. and a.c.; the second ones, electronic type function only in d.c.
30V max. In both versions the active status is indicated by the lighting of a luminous diode.

Working pressure 1,5?10 bar
Ambient temperature -20 ? 80 ?C
Fluid filtered air, lubricated or non lubricated
Barrel aluminium extrusion
End-caps aluminium 
Fixings side and front
Piston rod chromium-plated (? 32 ? 80 mm)
c  stainless steel AISI 303 (? 16 ? 25 mm)
Piston aluminium
Seals nitrile rubber

piston rod seal in polyurethane

Magnetic version standard (Magnetic switch DF-... series)